Welcome to Jamrock – A night with Rockers Fambily in Kingston Dub Club


“come early & stay late”

Every Sunday, the local music scene is celebrating a very unique gathering, hidden in Jack’s Hill on top of the city – driving (flying!) up Skyline Road to the legendary propery of Rocker Soundstation‘ Gabriel, where the “Reggae Revival” is happening right now, swaping the sizzling capital for fresh air and a stunning venue full of vibes…

The Rockers Fambily, who literally run the place in a nicely arranged yard with bar and small exhibition hall on Foundation Music is, where you also find two out of three pieces, street artist and activist Mau Mau did in Kingston – all this combined with a priceless view over town:

…when the vibes right, sound is often backed up by the local heroes, this time Mikey General and Luciano – “the ony good system is a sound system!” – enjoy:.

…and catch the vibes –>

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