Put this pon your stereo: Jah9 – New name


“Yes I’m beginning to tire of all the expenses
Bourne by the people relegated to zinc fences
Keeping the resources out of their reach
Breeding frustration with the values you teach
In the media everyday then deny them a way to attain it
But force them to work and maintain it and not take a share
Then the police force the fear into the brains of the people

I know from experience that the system is flawed and unfair
So I live outside it as much as I possibly dare
and I sing for justice in a time when the people may be too distracted to even care
my voice will still be there…”

(Jah 9 – Intentions)


One of the names you will hear all over when hitting Kingston and it’s Reggae Revival in these times is Janine “Jah9” Cunningham – great voices, along with sublime inspiring lyrics and all this freely enjoyable:

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