everything pon your TV screen


“With all that’s happening out there in the world & right here in Jamaica
my only wish is -for us as a collective- to realize,
everything that we are doing right now will affect the future…
We need to do better & be better human beings!”
[ Tory Lattore ]


Young recording artist Dalwayne wrote “in this time” over 1 year ago, highlighting the state of the world today…

Make sure fi tune in for intense lyrics, speaking of the times mankind is living in right now – produced by no other than Phillip McFarlane (Earthkry) & recorded at mighty Irie Yute Studios Kingston, Jamaica:


“you see dis this time we’re livin’ in
back in the days we used to see this in the movies
leave me, we live it in a real life now
everything bout’ your TV screen
you see dis this time we’re livin’ in
look how long the rastaman
ah tell you from the beginnin’
tears come to reality
we’re fighting the same battle
only the fittest shall win…”


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