Welcome to Jamrock – Long Bay, From Rosehill to Reach Falls


When you reach Long Bay after a 20min ride from Port Antonio further East, you can’t deny to be a little baffled in the first place.

Wide beaches, palms &  the blue sea nesteled within green hills with little houses scattered all around – but on the other hand the ever present decay (almost everything of seafront property is owned by US-citizens, who don’t care anymore), where there once was life and entertainment in one of “secret” spots for individual tourism…

You will find lots of guest houses -from rotten to inviting- all around; try Juan‘s Rosehill Cottage for outstanding hospitality and famous heritage.

In Long Bay, there actually is not pretty much to do, besides spending your day on some serious beach workout or surfing experiences (yes, you can actually do this here!).
Furthermore you should check out the lovely Winnifred Beach, together with Boston Beach, famous for it’s “jerk chicken”… –>


…and the all natural, -compared to other Jamaican tourist attractions- less crowded Reach Falls, where you will experience some thrilling breakneck waterfall dive, swim & jumping adventures, together with a tiny soundsystem showcase on the parking lot –>



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