Teachings In Reggae Music – #1 King Mas – Reflection

King Mas Reflection lyrics

Today, we are about to start a new relevant project, which has been on our to do list for quite a while.
Since we initiated southvibez 10years ago, one thing as always been incentive from day one:
Music can change the world and the music coming from Jamaica is far more the peace, love & ganja.
To a western point of view, it is quite easy to brand Rastafari as a laid-back hippie-cult and therefore dismiss the message behind Reggae Music as superimposed revolutionary folklore.
Moreover Rastafari is applied resistance to the core.
True rejection of materialism & consume terror, preservation of mother nature as mankind’s highest gift of creation, religion as poison to our civilization, spiritual austerity in excessive use of ganja to reach the highest form of meditation in order to overcome every kind of elite tampering, poisoning our society.
All this fundamentally unified within the music coming from a small island in the Caribbean, which as quite recently gain momentum with the young, sublime Reggae Revival Movement.

Highlighting this has always been our aspiration – and freely adapted from I-Nation we call pon you:
Reggae is not about entertainment, Reggae has a mission!

#1 King Mas – Reflection

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