StreetArt in the Autonomous Community Of Valencia


“When we lack the ability to talk back to entities that are culturally and politically powerful,
the very foundations of free speech and democratic society are called into question.”
(Naomi Klein, No Logo)

Some impressions of serious #StreetArt in the streets of Valencia during our visit in the aftermath of Rototom Festival
Fulljoy! –>

This Friday night on the 23th of August, the universe collapsed in my sensation when our eyes meet from a far during the fire show at Plaza De La Virgen fountain Valencia, Spain. Time has passed since then and I began to realize even more, that I made the biggest mistake in life when not talking to you afterwards by simply being stupidly shy. And as unlikely and sureal this incident has appeared to me in that very moment in time and space, I still carry some hope at the same time that you (or the two girls that where with you), might read this some day and get in touch, as I am willing to share nothing less then my life with you…
#PlazaDeLaVirgenValencia #PlazaDeLaVirgen #fireshow #valencia #fountain

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