Reasoning with Vaughn Benjamin (1969-2019)

“When it is revealed, let us be discreet,
compassion for the weak,
the backbone of any society
is still morality…”

[ Midnite – A Reminder ]

“When you look at the world situation today and

feel the pain of when you see families in chaos and crisis and war and poverty and hunger and disease
– just being human yourself, each human should be able to relate.

So that’s what “to introspect from humane reasons” means to me – to really think
“What would it be like to really experience this?” and feel the pain of someone else for a minute
so that we can know how to make better decisions about people not being in such situations.

Even though that is a bit idealistic so we know what the world is today – but we have to make that choice…”

[ Vaughn Benjamin 13.08.69 – 04.11.19 – interview by Angus Taylor on Reggaeville ]

– – –
may your toughts touch the minds of the people in these times, king…
– – –

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