Put this pon your video: Serial Killaz, Run Tingz, Tenor Fly, Blackout – Bun Babylon

“Mi say we ripped pon the system Babylon na care at all
youths them a fight fi a change
see they rioting the streets and make you have cold feet
them rules and them laws so strange
it no right when the youths them haffi take a stand
cause they are in a treated fear
hear them crying for justice fighting for justice
but no one cares…
so mi say –> bun Babylon!

Inspired by the rioting and uprising we’ve seen in the UK (and all over the world) this summer, Bun Babylon (Purify the System) carries a positive message to people around the world about the importance of conscious action and highlights some of the injustice that we face in these difficult times…


Eine der ersten Nummern des britischen Jungle Labels Run Tingz Recording aus Bristol zusammen mit den Serial Killaz über einer Aufnahme von UK-Jungle Veteran Tenor Fly und Blackout J.A. aus Jamaica:

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