Put this pon your video – Noam Chomsky Corona Virus

Noam Chomsky on the Coronavirus: “It’s a colossal market failure”

In this video produced by DiEM25, activist, linguist and author Professor #NoamChomsky comments on the #coronavirus crisis. Furthermore, he provides context to our socioeconomic and political system and how it prevents us from effectively combating such an epidemic.
Lastly Chomsky discusses what individuals can do in self isolation to maintain solidarity and to keep the struggle for freedom and democracy alive.

“First of all we should bear in mind,
that in the past few years there has been a form of #socialisolation, which is very damaging…

Now you go into a McDonalds and take a look at a bunch of teenager, sitting around a table,
what you see is two conversations going on: one a sort of shallow discussion among them
another, that each one is having on is cell phone with some remote individual.
This has atomized and isolated people to an extraordinary extend.

The #Thatcher principle -there was no society- has escalated,
the misused #socialmedia that has turned people into very isolated creatures,
especially young people…”

nehmt euch die Zeit & erzählt’s der Welt

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