Pressure inna Babylon getting too much: Solo Banton & YT – Revolution time

Revolution is a state of mind…
Cause I can feel a different mood inna di air, everywhere, everywhere
Uprising is the vibe that is the vibe that’s in the air, can you feel it in the atmosphere?

Revolution time is at hand
are you ready for the fight
..ready for the fight?

I did wonder how much longer people coulda be persecuted
Babylon them a treat we like we a idot, want treat we like we stupid
Look how everything share so damn unfair, unevenly distributed
Tell them say they will have to pay for all these evelous things that they did
like how back inna di days they used to crusade, took everything that they got
run up inna people country, drain all the resources and the wealth
when dem feel like nothing left and everybody living dess
them lend dem back a money at astronomical rate of interest

Now them found them organisations like World Bank & IMF fi manipulate poor people with them 3rd World Dept
But we say “what goes around will come around” some call that karma a revolution haffi gwaam yah!

We sight a big uprising in the east, the people say the injustice haffi cease
the beast dem send out the soldiers and police and kill the innocent protestors in the streets
Big up my students inna london, fighting for their rights to dem education
government a kill us with the deepest cuts, pressure inna Babylon getting too much
Now the people dem fed up and incite a revolution something in the air feels just like a revolution
pass me mi pen deh mek mi write a revolution, are you ready to fight for revolution?

We gonna stand up and be counted inna this time we living in and let yourself be heard as an outraged citizen
Babylon dem want you lose your focus, want you lose your discipline
make you stray and loose your way inna dem messed up system
But we sick and we so tired of them pushing us around can’t treat we like no idiot, they can treat we like no clown
Everything we try to do, them want to knock it down thats why dem city burning to the ground
So me say wake up out of your sleep and slumber, revolutionary we are nuff in numbers
Cause some of dem don’t know what is the minute or the hour
It’s the people versus the power!

via: House of Reggae

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