Jamaica full of talent: Matthew McAnuff – Be Carefull († 22.08.2012)

I say you got to be careful in this time
Know your role and try learn your line
Inna this time you cannot move like you’r blind
Nobody move because you will get left behind…

Them Babylon,
You give us guns, you teach us to kill
Caught up by mi bredren you only do your dutty real again
Said we are suffer and its us for make a dime
Man haffi work hard cause to be poor is a crime yes
Your system is set up fi keep the black man down
Babylon them send nuff to put our face inna de gun again
Let’s realise and open your eyes and give the wicked man them a surprise

Them babylon,
Babylon have the people drifted
Inna them material world and them corruptive system
No nyam them beef no nyam them swine, king
Mi say our love is the way to united, which is the right thing
Two thousand years of slavery,
Brainwashed mi people with story…”


Matthew McAnuff  († 22.08.2012)

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