Impressions of the Rototom Sunsplash Festival 2013 in Benicassim Spain


When it comes to Reggae Festivals, there is one address you should definitely visit once in life…

Born in the hills of Udine (Italy) in 1994 the Rototom Sunsplash moved to Benicassim (Spain) in 2010 due to conflicts with Italian law and has evolved to one of the biggest and most progressive Reggae gatherings worldwide since then.

For this years “20th love edition” artists from all over the world were delighting roughly 1/4 million reggaeheads over 8 days on 5 stages and various other attractions.

…some impressions:

…and here you’ll find our Impressions of the Rototom 2011

For our own cause

Dear Rototom,
big up once again for implementing Reggae Music, how it truely should be promoted to the world!
But on the other hand, very sad to see, that on this years edition, everything was oriented on the one big shot Damian -“Junior” Gong- Marley (who by the way stands back, when Selector Renaissance mutilate is father’s heritage in a horrendous Beyonce mashup), who unfortunately didn’t convince at all, while talented youths like Black Am I, hardly got any forward by the same massive for his stunning performance – with this in mind:


“nuff sell out them soul, fi get radioplay, Peter Tosh must have turn inna him grave…”

Randy Valentine – Bring back the love)

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