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Welcome to Jamrock – Kingston: From Uptown to Downtown

. “in Kingston, hell and heaven meet so close together, like in no other major capital on the globe…” P.-P. Zahl – “Jamaika” (travel guide) . In Kingston, two worlds are separated by a distinct, invisible boundary, dividing the metropolis into Uptown, home of the well educated middle- / upper class and Downtown, where the …


Welcome to Jamrock – From Cafe Africa to Lime Cay in Kingston Jamaica

. “Ital is vital!” . Kingston will certainly offer you plenty of options for having a great, budget dish – to fulljoy some Rasta lifestyle, you should definitely visit the best places for ital cooking in town at Dr. Spice Natural Food in Liguanea & Veggie Meals On Wheels near Cross Roads  –> . Strengthened and …


Welcome to Jamrock – Peter Paul Zahl legacy in Long Bay

  . “The people here are anarchistic, very anti-authoritarian and associated with this, very strong minded…” (P.-P. Zahl / TAZ-Interview 1994)   In the mid 80is, the libertarian German author and activist Peter Paul Zahl found a new habitat in Long Bay Jamaica, where he wrote his famous criminal stories on the fictive detective Aubrey …


Welcome to Jamrock – Long Bay, From Rosehill to Reach Falls

. When you reach Long Bay after a 20min ride from Port Antonio further East, you can’t deny to be a little baffled in the first place. Wide beaches, palms &  the blue sea nesteled within green hills with little houses scattered all around – but on the other hand the ever present decay (almost …


Welcome to Jamrock – Breakneck rafting on Rio Grande in Port Antonio

. When you move further north from Kingston, your next stop will -most likely- be the ancient banana trade terminal Port Antonio. The town itself is nothing special, but there are plenty of attractions around to invest time & money –> . One possibility, for example, would be to get yourself a captain in town, …


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