Reasoning with Vaughn Benjamin (1969-2019)

“When it is revealed, let us be discreet, compassion for the weak, the backbone of any society is still morality…” [ Midnite – A Reminder ] “When you look at the world situation today and feel the pain of when you see families in chaos and crisis and war and poverty and hunger and disease …


Bild & Ton vom Globalen Klimastreik Konstanz

Die (Klima) Stadt Konstanz konterkariert nachweislich ihre eigene Klimaschutzstrategie & trifft damit den Zeitgeist einer politischen Agenda, die unsere gemeinsame Aussicht auf eine lebenswerte Zukunft an die Wand fährt… Wir waren heute einmal mehr mit den guten Kids von FFF KN auf der Straße um das anzuprangern & haben ein paar Eindrücke für euch mitgebracht …


everything pon your TV screen

  “With all that’s happening out there in the world & right here in Jamaica my only wish is -for us as a collective- to realize, everything that we are doing right now will affect the future… We need to do better & be better human beings!” [ Tory Lattore ]   Young recording artist …


Impressions from OVERJAM Festival Slovenia

If it’s nice, we visit twice… southvibez back again for OVERJAM Festival, situated at the entry of famous Soča Valley, part of the Triglav National Park, Slovenia – fulljoy: day1 day2 day3 day4      

“Money Is The Drug” – we met Berrington Levy

People from near & far! make sure to check our (first ever) interview with no other than Berrington Levy in the context of this years OVERJAM Festival – busy introducing his relevant new single by the name of “Money Is the Drug”: “Millions of people trying to climb the ladder Money make you happy, even …


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