Put this pon your stereo: Kabaka Pyramid – Trample Dem

“Sexual abuse has always been a pervasive challenge.
One in four Jamaican adolescent girls aged 15-19 has experienced sexual violence in their lifetime…”
(Jamaican Gleaner)

“Though the traffickers identified in Jamaica may not appear to have the resources that would require a financial investigation, they may be connected to a wider criminal structure, which is motivated to continue with its criminal undertakings because of how lucrative the business is…”
(Jamaican Observer)

Neues wichtiges Ding von Keron Salmon aka. Kabaka Pyramid auf Ghetto Youth Int. der als prominentester Vertreter des jungen “Reggae-Revival” Movements neben Protoje & Jah9 seit jeher die Fahne für politische Missstände hoch hält (Chronixx hat in jetzter Zeit ja doch eher mit #CultureVulture als Adidas Model mit Major Label Deal geglänzt…).

“Come mek we trample dem again,
dismantle dem again & burn up everything
weh dutty Babylon defend…”